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Okahandja councillors’ swearing-in ceremony undecided

Okahandja councillors’ swearing-in ceremony undecided

Marthina Mutanga

FOLLOWING a cancellation letter at the eleventh hour by the suspended Chief Executive Officer of the Okahandja Town Council, Martha Mutilifa, a new date for the swearing-in ceremony of office bearers at the garden town is yet to be determined.


Okahandja senior magistrate Leonard Mateus, who was due to facilitate the process last week Wednesday, pulled out after Mutilifa personally wrote to him informing him that there was another letter by the Okahandja Swapo District Executive, dated 13 January 2020, addressed to her office that re-affirms the decision to recall four councillors on Swapo tickets until further notice.


The suspended councillors include the town’s mayor, Johannes ‘Congo’ Hindjou, deputy mayor Hileni Iita, management committee chairperson Gideon Uwu-Khaeb and Helmi Maruru, a member of the management committee.


“Please take note not to make any arrangements for swearing in ceremony without communications from the authentic Chief Executive Officer, who is myself, and not anyone claiming to be acting on my position, for as long as I am still employed by Council accountability is not transferrable,” the letter, dated 14 January 202, to Mateus continues.


Speaking to Informanté today, Mateus confirmed that he did not attend the planned ceremony because of the letter that he received from Mutilifa.


“I was not aware that the Okandhandja CEO was suspended. I read some media reports that she was, but I don’t trust everything the media writes,” he said, adding that he is now waiting on documents from the lawyers of the town council indicating the outcome and when the ceremony will take place.


Mutilifa, was suspended on the 24 December 2019 following claims of abuse of funds, corruption, fraud and insubordination.


She was immediately instructed not to enter the office of the CEO pending a decision on her suspension and she was requested not to continue with all delegated functions of the municipality.


Despite this, the letter written to Mateus and signed by Mutilifa, had an Okahandja Municipality stamp.