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Ohangwena performed poorly in English

Ohangwena performed poorly in English

Maria David

OHANGWENA Regional Education Director Isak Hamatwi has expressed disappointment over the poor Grade 12 performance in English the past academic year.


During an interview with Informanté Hamatwi said that he was very disappointed that only 12.66 percent of Grade 12 learners performed satisfactorily in English, making it the region’s lowest ranked of all subjects.


“I am really disappointed. For the past years we had been training teachers in English through Rössing Foundation. I don’t know what is happening,” said Hamatwi.


Hamatwi stated that he does not want to exclusively blame the teachers, but he believes that they have a hand in the performance rate, be it good or poor.


According to him, Grade 12 learners in Ohangwena only performed satisfactorily in four subjects, with a 100 percent pass rate – symbols A to D – in Design and Technology.


The pass rate for Oshikwanyama first language was 85 percent, Agriculture (66.67 percent) and Entrepreneurship (65.70 percent).


Meanwhile, the pass rate for Mathematics stands at 43 percent, Accounting (41.96 percent), Development Studies (41 percent) and Oshidonga (42 percent).


“I did not expect learners to perform poorly in Oshindonga as it’s the vernacular language for the learners,” he said.


In the high level, performance rate in the region stands at 90 percent, with candidates obtaining grades 1 to 4.