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Odimamafita gives hope of a good rainy season ahead

Odimamafita gives hope of a good rainy season ahead

Placido Hilukilwa
DROPS of rain were recorded recently on the eastern areas of the Ohangwena Region and in southern Angola raising the hope of the subsistence farmers who are currently severely affected by the drought.
The sporadic rainfall – known locally as ‘Odimamafita’ – occurs in the northern parts of the country during August/September and is traditionally interpreted as a foretaste of a good rainy season ahead.
“Odimamafita is a rare phenomenon nowadays but it was common in the past when rainy seasons were really good. The recent drops of rain left us with the hope that the coming rainy season would be a very good one,” said the chairman of the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority, George Nelulu.
The head of the Eenhana district of Oukwanyama, Efraim Weyulu, said that signs of a good rainy season ahead are everywhere.
However, he added that climate change has made the traditional ways of weather forecasting somewhat redundant.
“Besides the recent drops of rain, some trees that are edible by livestock have already started blossoming, gradually improving grazing in the area and giving us hope of a wonderful rainy season ahead,” he said.
The rainy season normally starts in November and lasts until April.

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