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NSFAF weak and unreliable

NSFAF weak and unreliable

Maria David

THE student leaderships for University of Namibia northern campuses said that the Namibian Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) has become a weak and unreliable institution that does not meet set targets.


Vice-president Stephanus Nguluwe said during a media briefing that the NSFAF fails to meet its yearly targets and obligations to fully fund student’s tuition and non tuition fees as per the contracts they signed.


They leadership warned the NSFAF that it’s not business as usual anymore and they will leave no stone unturned.


“We expect them to settle all students’ fees before November and make sure that non tuition fees is provided in the way that serve the purpose of assisting students throughout the year,” Nguluwe said.



The student leadership was of the opinion that the non tuition fees need to be paid at the beginning and middle of the year to pay for the student’s accommodation, meals and transport during the time they are at university.


“To date many students are still not funded. They fail to fulfil their promises,” said Nguluwe, adding that NSFAF is failing many of the students.


The student leader requested the institution to reopen the Ongwediva office that has been closed at one of UNAM’s campuses.


The leadership also requested the NSFAF to stop using student’s organisations to release statements on their behalf especially when it comes to matters of payment.


They demanded that the NSFAF start releasing their own statements which is legitimate, which can be supported by other organisations.