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No workers to be retrenched at August 26

No workers to be retrenched at August 26

Zorena Jantze

THE Namibian Defence Force (NDF) has brushed off allegations that close to 100 workers will be retrenched due to the alleged closing down of the August 26 Textile Holdings, a subsidiary of the company of the NDF’s August 26 Holdings.


Leader of the Affirmative Repositioning movement (AR) Job Amupanda earlier this week stated that the NDF will lay off 100 workers due to the closure of the August 26 Textile company as the company will allegedly outsource its textile requirements with a European based company.


Photo: Contributed


In his response, Brigadier General Petrus Nathinge stated that there was no formal inquiry made to the Ministry of Defense regarding the alleged sending into the streets of 100 employees nor the closure of August 26 Textiles.


“In a nutshell no employee has been or will be sent into the street as alleged,” General Nathinge stated.

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