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NDF will remain on high alert

NDF will remain on high alert

Niël Terblanché

THE Namibian Defence Force will remain on high alert after threats to the life of the Namibian President and other anarchistic utterances by certain members of the public before and after the Presidential and National Assembly elections, persisted on public and social media forums.


Air Vice-Marshall Martin Pinehas, the acting chief of the Namibian Defence Force in a statement said the elevation to the highest level of preparedness became imperative following incitements of violence and chaos and threats of assassinations and civil war by certain individuals or groups using social media.


“We are aware that the advocates of violence are planning to replicate the Orange Revolution and Arab Spring in Namibia. We have seen how such type of revolutions have devastated countries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. We are also aware that such types of revolution are always backed by Foreign Agencies, who are eager to capture the economics of the States concerned. We cannot therefore allow our country to descend into chaos due to self-serving individuals who do not have the security of our country at heart.”


He said Chapter 3 of the Namibian Constitution prescribes the Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms of Citizens. Article 6, Sub-Article (1) in particular, provides for the Protection of Life. Article 21 provides for the Fundamental Freedoms which include; Freedom of speech and expression, freedom of association, freedom of movement and other freedoms.


Pictured: Acting chief of the Namibian Defence Force, Air Vice-Marshall Martin Pinehas. Photo: Contributed


However, the same Article 21 is Sub-Article (2) provides that such freedoms must be exercised subject to the law of Namibia.


“To ensure that the law of Namibia is enforced the same constitution has provided for the establishment of institutions such as: The Judiciary, the Police, Correctional Services and the Defence Force.”


According to Air Vice-Marshal Pinehas the Namibian Defence Force, in particular, was established by the Defence Act (Act 1 of 2002) as amended, in terms of Article 115 of Chapter 15 of the Constitution; with prescribed composition, powers duties and procedures, in order to defend the territory and national interests of Namibia.


He said any unlawful act of violence which causes loss of or threatens the lives of the Namibian people; destroys government and individual’s properties, restrict movement of the Namibian people and renders government ineffective in the provision of goods and services; threatens the integrity of the State therefore deserves an appropriate response from the Namibian Defence Force.


“After the announcement of election results the threats that were made before the elections, continued to be shared on social media. The NDF is particularly disturbed by deceleration by some individuals that since their candidates did not win they would resort to unconstitutional means such as assassination of the President, storming and burning of State House, launching civil war, blocking of roads and sabotaging of government installations and national key points.”


He requested people who are spreading rumours and propaganda with the intent to cause division amongst the people, in order to achieve personal objectives above those of the collective, to distance themselves from the advocates of violence and abide by the national law and fundamental principles guiding our democracy.


“In the same vein, I am encouraging all our political leaders to call upon their followers, supporters and sympathisers to embrace peace and harmony in our country.”


Air Vice-Marshal Pinehas said the NDF, as the guarantor of national security and sovereignty, remains vigilant and steadfast in defending the Namibian Constitution, national sovereignty and interests. We will also continue providing assistance to the Namibian Police as prescribed by Regulation 200 of the Defence Act.


“Finally I would like to reassure the nation that the NDF remains a non-partisan agency of the State. We will therefore continue to serve the Namibian nation under the provided Civilian Control over the Military and serve the government of the day without fear or favour as prescribed. In this regard, the security level remains elevated until further notice.


The Air Vice-Marshall said the high level of preparedness of the NDF is to ensure that Namibia remains peaceful and stable to enable socio-economic development to continue taking place.

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