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Ndeitunga warns against tribalism and regionalism

Ndeitunga warns against tribalism and regionalism

Ndeitunga warns against tribalism and regionalism

Placido Hilukilwa

JUST like all other forms of discrimination, discrimination on the basis of tribe or region of the country where one was born will not be tolerated in Namibia, said Namibian Police Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga.

Speaking in an interview with Informanté following the arrest of a number of demonstrators at Keetmanshoop last week, Ndeitunga said that Namibia is a unitary state and Namibians are free to seek and be offered employment anywhere in the country.

It is alleged that a group of demonstrators stormed the office of the regional governor at Keetmanshoop demanding that a female “struggle kid” who is employed in that office and who is originally from the Oshana region, be removed and the post be given to someone who was born locally.

“My life was in danger and I had to flee the office using the backdoor as they stormed the office,” said the ‘struggle kid’, who demanded that her name not be mentioned as she no longer feels safe.

Ndeitunga has, however, rejected suggestions that she be moved to another region saying that that would be tantamount to a declaration of defeat.

“We cannot allow a situation where people of a particular tribe demand that they alone are to be employed in a particular region and that people from outside the region are to be denied employment opportunities, discriminated against and even threatened,” said Ndeitunga.

Some of the demonstrators were arrested and charged with trespassing and damage to property.

They appeared in the Keetmanshoop magistrate’s court on Friday and were each granted bail of N$400. The case was postponed to 6 March pending further police investigation.

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