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NANSO unhappy about hair rules at schools

NANSO unhappy about hair rules at schools

Eba Kandovazu

THE Namibia National Students Organisation strongly condemned the ‘forceful’ and ‘unlawful’ cutting of learners’ hair and the banishment of learners from schools after refusing to cut their hair.


In a strong worded letter addressed to Acting Minister of Education Martin Andjaba, Nanso’s Secretary for Legal Affairs Ester Shitana said that the organization decided to advocate for the ending the arbitrary banishing of learners from schools because they refuse to cut their hair.


The decision, she says was made at the recently held 16th NANSO Elective Congress.


hair Namibia Students unlawful
Pictured: Ester Shitana. – Photo: Contributed


“We reject to the highest level such oppressive rules which impede the right of the Namibian child to education and the opportunity to end the cycle of poverty in their families. The school’s arbitrary action is in direct violation of learners’ rights amongst others their right to education, human dignity, freedom of expression and constitute the crime of assault, rights which are all jealously protected by the Namibian constitution,” the letter reads.


Shitana further called on school codes of conduct to celebrate diversity.


“There is no concrete evidence that the reformation of such hair policies would lead to unnecessary disruption in learning environments as contented by critics. It is more disruptive not just to the child but to the child’s education to pull that child out and have them harassed and denied access to the classroom until their hair is cut,” Shitana said.