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NANSO leadership infightings

NANSO leadership infightings

NANSO leadership infightings
STUDENT MATTERS: Students at last year’s shutdown protest._Photo: Contributed

Eba Kandovazu

THE leadership of Namibia’s student body, Nanso, has locked horns over alleged political affiliations, bias and the self-interest of some party members and is threatening to bring discontent within the organisation.

Nanso Secretary for Khomas, Epaphras Ngolo, told Informanté that Nanso, through its President Ester Simon, is planning to suspend him for attending a higher decision making body meeting. Ngolo alleges that the current leadership is influenced by politicians, who have no interest in student matters.

The organisation’s Secretary General, Simon Taapopi, however, refuted the claim, stating that Ngolo, who is the current SRC President at IUM, was not even served with a suspension letter although a decision was made to call him for a disciplinary hearing.

According to the SG, in December last year, Nanso held a General Student Council meeting, which Ngolo was not legally a part of.

“He disrupted the meeting by misrepresenting himself as the Regional Secretary of Finance in Khomas. We politely asked him to leave but he went on a bad-mouthing rampage. We then decided he should attend a disciplinary hearing for breaking the code of conduct. A decision to suspend him has not yet been made,” Taapopi said. Ngolo on the other hand is accusing the organisation’s top leadership of being influenced by the higher education ministry, stating that there’s a ploy to remove all the ‘radical’ Nanso members.

“We don’t serve the interest of the minister but our students. We are targets because we initiate protests and we challenge universities to look out for students with practical action. These threats began when we went to shut down the minister’s office last year. These colleagues didn’t want us to cut ties with the minister,” Ngolo said.

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