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Nanso celebrates 35 years of service

Nanso celebrates 35 years of service

Maria David
THE Namibian National Students Organisation (Nanso), commemorated its 35th birthday on Tuesday in the Oshana Region.
“Nanso aims for the unity of collective young people to fight for a common goal,” said Ester Simon, who was speaking during the organization birthday celebration.
The event which attended by, school learners, members and leaders of the organization both past and present, celebrated the achievements and the aspirations of Nanso since its inception.
Nanso was formed on 02 July 1984 at Döbra outside Windhoek, and is the oldest national student organisation in the country.
“NANSO was formed by organised students that marched, protesting against the racist, exclusive poor quality of their education,” said Simon.
She explained that Nanso, it is about young people that protested because they believed that they deserved to be treated and taught equally to whites.
According to Simon, Nanso at 35 raises awareness and serves as an opportunity to reflect and raise critical questions on the progress and quality of their education system and it also encourages them to continue with the call to lead the transformation of the education system, into a free, quality, inclusive, decolonized and digitized overall education system.
“Despite the social and economic challenges that confronts us, do note that the path of seeking empowerment through education, that we are walking on is an important one, especially for our society, for education is vital to help re-write the narrative for Namibia and Africa,” noted Simon.
Simon stated that Nanso at 35 is a sober reminder that they have a greater responsibility to never stop learning, to understand and study the contradictions of the world in order to be able to diagnose their condition as a nation, as this would then prepare us to be architects of a better Namibia and Africa.

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