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Nangolo installed as 19th king of Ondonga

Nangolo installed as 19th king of Ondonga

Placido Hilukilwa
THE 45-year-old Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo was installed as the 19th king of the Ondonga traditional community during a colourful ceremony held at the new Ondonga Palace in the Onambango Village near Ondangwa on Saturday.
In his acceptance speech King Nangolo promised that he will be the king for all Aandonga and that his reign will not be a one-man show.
He referred to the factional squabbles of the past years and urged his people to let bygones be bygones.
Nangolo was installed a day after the latest high court challenge to stop the event failed Friday afternoon.
“I treat all people equally regardless of who supported which faction during the bitter internal infighting of the past years,” he said.

Pictured: King Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo takes the oath administered by Oukwanyama Traditional Authority chairman George Nelulu. Also in the picture are the directors of proceedings John Walenga (left) and Nande Bamm(right). – Photo: Placido Hilukilwa

The new king said that he will modernize traditional leadership by introducing new norms but will also restore some of the lost treasures of the Ondonga culture.
Nangolo was formerly installed by senior traditional councillors Vilho Kamanya and Annely Mbumba who handed him all the symbols of power including a chairman’s gavel, copies of the Namibian constitution and customary laws of Ondonga and a spear as well as handing him his official wear – a hat and scarf made of cheetah skin.
Other traditional rituals were performed by Ondonga community elder Shali Kamati and Nangolo’s aunt on his father’s side, Martha GwaNamupala.
The new king was officially shown in by the chairman of the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority, senior traditional councillor George Nelulu.
The event was also addressed by Vice President Nangolo Mbumba and Urban and Rural Development Minister, Peya Mushelenga.

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