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Namport bids farewell to Bisey /Uirab

Namport bids farewell to Bisey /Uirab

Niël Terblanché
THE solid foundation laid over the past ten years in building the Namibian Ports Authority into one of the most profitably state-owned enterprises in Namibia under the outgoing Chief Executive Officer should be used to make the country’s plan to become the main regional logistic hub a tangible reality.
Staff and stakeholders of the Namibian Ports Authority held a farewell ceremony in Walvis Bay for Mr. Bisey /Uirab who is set take up his new position at the head of the Namibia Airports Company at the beginning of May.

Pictured: Mr. Bisey /Uirab

During his farewell address Mr./Uirab said the current economic downturn is an opportunity that should be used as the strongest possible motivator for people to innovate.
“We must remain resolute in our pursuit of the improvement of the lives of every Namibian and this can only be achieved by thinking outside the box. In this regard we must not allow ourselves to let the current economic crisis go to waste. It is the best opportunity we have to develop innovative new strategies and build strong new foundations on which to build when the opportunity presents itself.”
Under /Uirab’s guidance over the past ten years, Namport managed to increase its revenue exponentially and with the new port developments scheduled to come online later this year the company can achieve its goals of becoming the logistics service provider of choice. The new container terminal is set to be inaugurated during August this year and the north port oil terminal development will be made operational in 2020.
Mr. /Uirab said Namport has not only invested heavily in the establishment of new and modern infrastructure but also into the development of its human resources. Besides sending several employees on courses at education institutions all over the world the ports authority also created a program which identifies potential and talent amongst learners who are still at school.
“This development program resulted in the situation where we have some of the best qualified people already staffing Namport. This is the foundation that we as a nation, Namport as well as the people following in our footsteps can build on to bring about change for every Namibian.”
Mr. /Uirab said it gives him a sense of immense pride to leave such a legacy to Namport and the community of Walvis Bay who welcomed him in their midst ten years ago.

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