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NAMPOL seizes drugs worth N$760 650

NAMPOL seizes drugs worth N$760 650

Staff reporter

THE illicit drug market remains rife in Namibia, however the Namibian police force with crime preventing operations such as Operation Kalahari Desert are bringing more and more of these criminals to book with drugs worth N$760 650 seized for the month of August alone.

DRUG ABUSE: Namibia is not considered as a producing and consuming country yet. It was always considered as a transit country. However over the past years our country has become one of the recognised consumers of illicit drugs. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: contributed

This was revealed by deputy commissioner, Edwin Kanguatjivi who said in a statement that a total of 141 suspects were arrested after they were found in possession of these illicit drugs. Of the arrested persons, 133 were Namibians, five Angolans, two Congolese and one Zimbabwean.
Cannabis made up the bulk of these arrests with 68, 869 kg confiscated by the police which is worth approximately N$ 688 690, while mandrax the second most confiscated drug with 352 tablets seized which are worth N$ 42 240-00.
The police also recorded a surge in crack cocaine cases with 237 units or rocks worth N$ 23 700 confiscated from criminals, making it the third highest consumed drug on the market, after cannabis and mandrax for the month.

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