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Namibians face bleak future after fire at China Town

Namibians face bleak future after fire at China Town

Eba Kandovazu

TEN Namibians are left in the dark about their future employment at Windhoek’s northern industrial area, following a fire that destroyed everything in the shops in China Town where they worked.


The fire also left two minor Chinese children without a roof over their heads. The two children were left at the shop parents who travelled to different parts of the world. The father is currently in China while the mother travelled to Rundu on business.


On Monday afternoon Fire Brigade assisted by emergency officials and the Namibian Police and rushed to China Town to extinguish a the fire that eventually destroyed several shops.


An eyewitness and an employee at the warehouse who spoke to Informanté said that the fire was first detected in the ceiling, before it engulfed the entire building in flames.



“We were just going about our business in the shop when we suddenly saw smoke. At first we didn’t know where the smoke was coming from but upon inspection, we discovered it was coming from the roof. It wasn’t long before we saw flames. We panicked and rushed out of the shop. This is quite an unfortunate situation. Right now we’re afraid that we will lose our jobs because everything here is destroyed. We are waiting for our boss to brief us on the situation,” the worker said.


According to the employee, the shop owner’s family also resided at the premises. Their bedding, television and documents was destroyed by the fire.


“Our boss is currently in China and his wife is in Rundu. Their two minor children are around. We feel sorry for them because all their belongings were destroyed in the fire as well.”


When Informante arrived at the scene, close to five shops were being cleared. While the shops were being cleared of debris that might flare up again, firemen and police officers discovered a fire arm in the ceiling of one of the shops. It is still unclear who the owner of the pistol might be or if the fire arm is licensed.


An investigation has been launched to determine the actual cause of the fire.


It is also unclear at this stage what the damage in terms of value of lost stock and belongings are. The damage to the warehouse in which the shops were located was severe but also still has to be determined.