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Namibian student accused of sexual abuse in the USA

Namibian student accused of sexual abuse in the USA

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A NAMIBIAN Student in the United States of America grabbed news headlines when he was charged with sexual abuse and that further investigations into at least one other similar incident have been launched by local police.

Pictured: Paulus Jona Shitaleni living as a student in the USA. Source:

A local newspaper, the Desmoines Register, reported that Iowa State University police have arrested the 33-year-old Jona Shitaleni Paulus, graduate student accused of sexually abusing a woman earlier this month at his university apartment.
Shitaleni, a resident of Ames, was charged on Thursday with third-degree sexual assault. He was being held in custody at the Story County Jail on US$50 000 (N$700 000) bond.
According to a criminal complaint, Paulus committed a sex act with a woman who was in his apartment in the University Village complex during the early morning hours of April 6 while on top of her, holding her down against her will.
Police said she was eventually able to push him off of her and then began recording him with her phone as she was leaving. In the recording, she can be heard telling Paulus “I told you no,” followed by him replying “I know. I know,” according to the complaint.
When police interviewed Paulus three days later, he admitted a sex act had occurred but told authorities it was consensual.
ISU spokeswoman Annette Hacker said there is an “open, ongoing police investigation” into Paulus.
A search warrant application by university police additionally says Paulus is the subject of an investigation into a second sexual assault that took place the night of April 6 at Buchanan Hall. According to the warrant application, a woman met Paulus on MeetMe, a social media app that allows people to meet people nearby.
The woman invited Paulus to her apartment to “cuddle and sleep only,” but he proceeded to commit multiple sex acts against her will during the course of the night and took photos and video, according to the warrant application.
After Paulus fell asleep, she looked through the pictures stored on his phone and found photos and videos “similar in nature with a lot of different girls,” according to the application.
The Story County Attorney’s Office didn’t return a request for comment about how many additional charges may be filed.

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