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Namibian Nicole Schmidt to take on PARIS Fashion Week

Namibian Nicole Schmidt to take on PARIS Fashion Week

Entertainment Reporter

AFTER becoming a young mother at the age of 21 and having to put her fashion design studies on hold, a beautiful blessing has found its way to this ambitious designer.

Nicole Schmidt at last year’s Windhoek Fashion Week. Photo Contributed

Namibian designer, Nicole Schmidt, will showcase her fashion at the 2019 Paris Fashion Week.

The soft-spoken Namibian is someone who is realising that there are glimpses of her becoming exactly what her name means which is “victory of the nation”.

She completed her high school in 2014 at St. Paul’s College and according to Schmidt, she always knew that she wanted to be a designer, which allowed her to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design at the fashion design college, Fedisa Cape Town in 2016.

Her time was, however, cut short when she became pregnant in her second year of studies, and had to pack up and return home.

She invested her time in numerous endeavors to practice what she had learned during her time as a student.

“A major milestone for me was participating in the 2018 Fashion week,” says Nicole.

She was inspired to take part by her uncle who fully funded her project. This further led to her and her cousin, Stephany-Lee Schmidt, being noticed by the Oxford Fashion Studio, and being invited to showcase their collections at the Paris fashion week slated for September 2019.

Furthermore, she describes her work as being inspired by beautiful, as well as difficult life moments, both in which she finds solace.

Nicole Schmidt showing her collection at last year’s Windhoek Fashion Week. Photo Contributed

“There are so many significant small moments that go unnoticed like a warm cup of coffee on a rainy day and seeing sun rays caressing the face of a loved one. I appreciate these moments through my pieces,” she gracefully added.

She is equally inspired by Parisian architecture and style, as she is attracted to the French language, landscape and culture.

Nicole describes her style as effortlessly sexy, classy and timeless, with an emphasis on being comfortable in one’s own skin and enhancing beauty and identity.

This makes one stand out but also exudes some form of mystery.

“I tend to use neutral colors over bright ones, in line with creating timelessness,” said the confident Nicole.

She commended Poiyah Media for helping her in sourcing funds for her trip, since expenses come along with every journey.

The public is invited to make any contribution by making a direct deposit to the Schmidt family via banking details which can be retrieved by Poiyah Media

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