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Namibian man dies in the UK

Namibian man dies in the UK

Marthina Mutanga

THE 43-year-old Bryan Mbatjiuaouje Hembapu Zaire, a Namibian residing in the United Kingdom died as a result of choking on a piece of food on Sunday.


Bryan, who was staying in Wigan for years with his family and children, was visiting friends for a meal when the incident happened.


A relative in the UK, Bokkie Zaire, confirmed Bryan’s death and added that they are busy making arrangements to repatriate the body back to Namibia for burial.


Namibian man UK death electrocuted
TRAGEDY: Bryan Mbatjiuaouje Hembapu Zaire – Photo: Contributed


“Everywhere he went, he made friends and he was a happy man. He loved being around other people. He was also a family man and remained very dedicated to his family until his passing,” said Bokkie.


According to Bokkie, when they called the ambulance to the scene, Bryan was still alive, but he died while doctors were attending to him in hospital.


Bokkie said that returning a loved one to their homeland to be laid to rest comes with a financial burden and a lot of bureaucracy and red tape.


Bryan lived in Ovitoto in Otjizerandu in the Omatako Constituency with both of his parents before he left for the UK. It is there that he will be buried.