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Namibia celebrate Finland’s 102nd independence anniversary

Namibia celebrate Finland’s 102nd independence anniversary

Maria David

PEOPLE in the North held a ceremony to celebrate more than a century of cooperation between Finland and Namibia on the day the Scandinavian country also celebrated its independence.


Vice President Nangolo Mbumba, said that Finland and Namibia share a long history and are thus friends and partners in the development trajectory.


Mbumba made the remarks while speaking at the Namibia in celebration of Finland’s 102nd independence anniversary held at Ondangwa on Wednesday.


According to Mbumba, long before the signing of diplomatic relations between the two countries, Finnish missionaries connected the two peoples to bring the good news and then through the provision of education and health care.


Pictured: Vice President of Namibia, Nangolo Mbumba. Photo: Contributed


“Since then interaction has been active, especially in the areas of education, culture, science and technology as well as amongst churches and municipalities,” said Mbumba.


Mbumba stated that he remembers fondly the co-chairing of Namibia and Finland of the Millennium Summit in 2000 of the UNGA which produced the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’).


Finland Ambassador to Namibia Pirkko-Liisa Kyőstila, said Namibia is the only country in Africa with whom Finland has a relationship that dates back to the year 1869.


“We Finns set a high value on the unique history we have with Namibia and on the numerous friendships, which we have built with Namibian during the decades. Our countries and people are truly close to each other,” said Kyőstila.


Kyőstila stated that the 150 years which Finns and Namibians have been cooperating is a long time and they will continue to do so.


In a speech read on King Fillemon Nangolo Shuumbwa behalf by Vilho Kamanya Chairperson of the Ondanga Traditional Authority he said it is his wish that harmonious relationship between him and Finnish people is renowned and continue to remain strong all the time.


Shuumbwa noted that despite the fact that they were not taught about the Finnish history, they were also able to learn that the Finnish people had to fight for their independence.

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