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N$572 million for drought relief

N$572 million for drought relief

N$572 million for drought relief

Zorena Jantze

FREQUENT droughts over the past years in Namibia have led to economic hardships, with widespread food shortages causing the greatest impact on especially the poor.

To safeguard against future famines and possible food shortages, the Namibian government has endorsed a Comprehensive Drought Intervention plan amounting to N$572 million to cover various agricultural projects for the period 2019 to 2020.

Speaking at a media briefing on Cabinet Resolutions, Cabinet Secretary, Stanley Simataa, stated that the said Proposed Drought Intervention Plan was submitted by the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry.

The proposed N$572,700,000 will cover: Food Assistance; Water Tankers;Livestock Management Incentives; Transport Subsidy to and from grazing areas, as well as transport for fodder; Lease of Grazing Area; Subsidy for Crop Farmers; Lick Supplement for lock herd and Fodder Subsidy for the core herd.

Simataa further urged offices, ministries and agencies, such as the Ministries of Defence and the Health Ministry, to avail facilities and support the implementation of drought relief interventions; and that all funds towards the drought relief interventions be channeled through the National Emergency Disaster Fund.

Alongside this government intervention, the Private Sector has created the Dare to Care Disaster Fund, which now stands at N$2,2 million, subsidising already more than 40 000 bags of fodder.

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