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Murderer sentenced to 51 years in jail

Murderer sentenced to 51 years in jail

Eba Kandovazu
The 32-year-old Hendrick Atab who killed a teenage girl in 2016 in Mariental has been sentenced to spend the next 51 years in jail.

Pictured: Hendrick Atab waiting to be transported to prison. – Photo: Eba Kandovazu

Atab admitted that he attacked Estovia Games,16, from behind when she was walking alone. He admitted that he strangled her but denied that he raped her, as initially set out in the charge sheet.
The judge acquitted him on the rape charge because of a lack of evidence to prove that Games was in fact raped. Games was, according to the court, extremely intoxicated at the time of the murder.
Another violent attack of a minor girl, aged 12 occurred that same year.
In that incident, the girl was also attacked from behind, dragged and strangled until she lost consciousness.
As a result, Atab was sentenced to 26 years for murder, 10 years for attempted murder, another 10 years for attempted murder which will run concurrently, 15 years for rape, totaling to 51.
In sentencing, Judge Dinah Usiku maintained that Atab has not shown any remorse for his actions except for the murder charge, which he asked for forgiveness from Games’ mother.
“A message must be sent out that we live in an orderly society which is governed by moral values and obligations. Further, everyone must be allowed to enjoy freedom of movement without being attacked. It is not in the interest of society when people like Atab trample on the values and rights of others,” Judge Usiku said.

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