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Mukwe residents outraged by possible bail for Chinese nationals

Mukwe residents outraged by possible bail for Chinese nationals

Pictured: Enraged residents of the Mukwe Constiuency. – Pictures: Courtesy of the Muzokumwe Volunteers Organisation.

Niël Terblanché
NEWS that the 29-year-old Chen Xuefeng and the 31-year-old Zhenhai Zhou, who are currently in police custody while accused of the cold blooded murder of the 34-year-old Haushiku Andreas Muyevu are going to bring a formal bail application to the Rundu Magistrate’s Court this week, sparked renewed outrage among residents of the Mukwe constituency.
Chen Xuefeng and Zhenhai Zhou made their first appearance in the Rundu Magistrate’s Court last Tuesday on charges of murder and discharging firearms in a residential area.
In their outrage more than a week ago, residents of Andara vandalised and plundered the shop run by the Chinese nationals after news that Hausiku was killed spread through the community. During the uprising one woman who was assaulted by a member of the Namibian Police. She was taken to the Rundu Hospital after spending the night in custody.
In the aftermath of the riotous behaviour, Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, Yiming Zhang, took to social media to not only condemn the actions taken by the residents of Andara but to tell Namibians to stop their thieving ways. This sparked even more outrage among all Namibians.
The possibility that the two murder accused Chinese nationals might be granted bail motivated outraged residents of the Mukwe Constituency to march on the office of the Mukwe Constituency Councillor, John Thiguru, to hand petitions addressed to the Kavango East Regional Governor, the Regional Commander of the Namibian Police as well as the Hambukushu Fumo, Munika Mbambo, in which they demand that no bail should be granted to the murder accused and that proper restitution should be made by the local Chinese community.
In the preamble to their petition, signed online by more than 2 000 people and the hard copy of the document signed by almost 800 people, the residents of the Mukwe Constituency asked why the Namibian Government is still silent on the matter.
“Many ordinary Namibians in both Andara and Bagani village of Kavango East Region can be forgiven when they thought the life of their fallen son at the hands of trigger happy Chinese businessmen would result in high level condemnation from government officials in Windhoek or in Rundu.”
The Mukwe residents said that regrettably nothing has happened and that only the Chinese ambassador has spoken.
“The usually loud Stanley Simataa, Minister for Information and Alfredo Hengari, the Press Secretary to the Presidency, all of them have gone into hiding and refrained from speaking against the Chinese. The Cabinet Ministers from Kavango East John Mutorwa and Tjekero Tweya decided to be prisoners of silence: Hear no evil and speak no evil lest they lose their bread in government. This seems to be what it is all about. Chinese are not being condemned because they unmistakably mean a bread of some people in government.”
The Muzokumwe Volunteers Organisation viewed the silence with dismay and described the perceived unpatriotic posturing as a betrayal of Namibia’s Independence and sovereignty.
“Imagine for a moment if the late Muyevu was a child of State House or a child of Chinese Ambassador? The response was going to be very different. The weight attached to this incident was going to be higher. The reason our government is silent is because some lives are more equal than others in Namibia. The reason is Muyevu represents a nobody and fortunately the judiciary cares whereas the executive and legislative branches of government are mute. They are mute because they don’t care about the poor Namibians. This is the only inevitable conclusion the Muzokumwe Volunteers Organisation can draw.”
Paulus Mbangu, Chairperson of the Muzokumwe Volunteers Organization said Constiuency Councillor John Thiguru promised to hand the petition handed to him to the Hambukushu Fumo, the Regional Governor and the Regional Commander of the Namibian Police.
The late Haushiku Andreas Muyevu was laid to rest on Friday 26 April 2019 at Bagani Cemetery in Mukwe Constituency, Kavango East.

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