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Mother kills six-month-old baby

Mother kills six-month-old baby

Mother kills six-month old baby

Placido Hilukilwa

Epifania Nashiningwe Linus, a six-month-old baby girl died in the Oshakati State Hospital and the police in the Omusati Region are investigating a case of murder against her mother who is currently interned in the psychiatric ward of same hospital.
According to the police, the mother grabbed her baby girl by one of leg before hitting the infant’s head three times against a concrete bench and then tossing the child outside the house like a piece of garbage.
The police was notified and when officers arrived on the scene, the victim was found lying on the ground.
Both the suspect and the victim were taken to Oshikuku Roman Catholic hospital but they were transferred to the Oshakati State Hospital shortly afterwards. The little baby girl was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit where she succumbed to the severe injuries that same day. The mother was temporarily admitted to the psychiatric ward.
The suspect, who is a 31-year-old Angolan national originally from Ombandja in southern Kunene province of Angola, was eventually arrested and is now detained at the Onandjamba police station in the holding cells.
She is expected to appear in the Outapi Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

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