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Mother and children escape fire unharmed

Mother and children escape fire unharmed

Niël Terblanché
A MOTHER and her two children had to flee to the safety of the street in front of their house after a fire that started at a neighbouring house, leaped to their residence and set it alight earlier on Monday morning.
Members of the Windhoek Fire Brigade had their hands full to contain a fire that started in at a residence in Sesriem Street in the Klein Kuppe neighbourhood of Windhoek.
Bystanders said the most likely cause of the fire was a motorcycle parked under a thatched lapa at one house. The motorcycle allegedly burst into flames igniting the wooden structure and thatch roof above it. The close proximity of houses and lapas in the cluster house complex where the fire started caused a second thatched structure at a neighbouring house to also burst into flames
The fire that leaped from one lapa to the next was already starting to spread to the inside of the second residence when the Windhoek Fire Brigade arrived on the scene.
Members of the Fire Brigade and volunteers assisting the emergency workers were able to contain and extinguish the fire quickly before more damage could be done to neighbouring houses in the complex.
Although the burning motorcycle is the most likely reason for the thatched roofs of the lapas to start burning, the actual cause of the fire will have to be determined by an official investigation.

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