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Most of Namibia without electricity

Most of Namibia without electricity

Staff Reporter

A TECHNICAL fault with a transformer on the 400 kilo Volt Kokerboom Aries power line that connects Namibia with the electricity feed from South Africa left the most densely populated parts of Namibia without power for at least two hours late on Tuesday evening.


In this regard NamPower issued an official statement in which the national electricity supply company tenders its apologies for any inconvenience that the outage may have caused.


“NamPower wishes to inform its customers and the nation at large that at 23:09, on 19 November 2019, a technical fault that occurred on a current transformer on the Kokerboom-Aries 400 kV line caused a loss of power supply that affected the central, coastal area, and most parts of the northern regions.”

Picture for illustrative purposes. Photo: Contributed
In the statement NamPower said electricity supply was restored in phases to the affected areas, with Windhoek being the first to be restored at 00:48, followed by the coastal areas and the northern regions.


As a general warning NamPower said that Namibians experiencing power outages are cautioned to treat all power lines and electrical points as live at all times when power supply is out, as it can be restored without prior notification.


“Our technical team is still hard at work to ensure that power supply is completely restored to all the affected areas.”

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