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‘Mistreating Angolans is unacceptable’ – Namoloh

‘Mistreating Angolans is unacceptable’ – Namoloh

Video: Minister Charles Namoloh addresses Cassinga survivors. – Footage: Placido Hilukilwa.

Placido Hilukilwa
MISTREATING Angolan nationals who enter Namibia for medical reasons or looking for other essential services, is pure ingratitude and should be avoided at all costs, said Safety and Security Minister Charles Namoloh.
Addressing a Cassinga Day commemorative event at Okatoo in the Oshikango constituency of the Ohangwena Region on Saturday Namoloh said that the brunt of Namibia’s liberation struggle fell upon the Angolans whose selfless contribution towards the independence of Namibia should be appreciated by all Namibians.
Namoloh lamented the fact that “some Namibians” mistreat Angolans and call them derogatory names whenever they cross into Namibia looking for services.
He labelled such Namibians as people who do not fully grasp the extent of the role played by Angolans in Namibia’s Liberation Struggle. They provided the much-needed support to the fighters of the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN), including food, shelter and information despite being targeted by the invading South African troops.
Cassinga Day commemorates the death of over 600 Namibians who were massacred when South African troops attacked the Cassinga settlement and the Vietnam base in Angola on the 4th of May 1978.
Namoloh urged Namibians to always remember Cassinga and make the settlement in the Huila province of Angola, a place of pilgrimage.
“Let Cassinga be to us what Mecca is to the Muslims,” he said.
Saturday’s commemorative event was attended by a sizeable group of Cassinga survivors who travelled from all corners of the country.
Also present at the commemoration event were: Minister Erkki Nghimtina; Oukwanyama Queen Martha Nelumbu; Oshikango constituency councillor Phillip Namundjebo; the mayor of Helao Nafidi, Eliaser Nghipangelwa and members of the local community as well as a group of Angolans from the Oshikango shaPopawa village where Swapo’s Vietnam base was situated.

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