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Mismanagement cited among reasons for councillor suspensions

Mismanagement cited among reasons for councillor suspensions

Eba Kandovazu

NUMEROUS complaints by residents of mismanagement, lack of accountability, poor governance and a lack of service delivery have been listed as some of the reasons councillors of Okahandja and Rundu were yesterday suspended with immediate effect.


Peya Mushelenga, the Urban and Rural development minister, said that at Okahandja, five Swapo councillors were suspended, one from PDM and one from UDF.


The town’s Mayor, Kongo Hindjou, was also shown the door.


“In general, the situation is characterised by a lack of requisite and decisive leaders in general, as well as a lack of teamwork between councillors and management, persistent non adherence to the provisions of the Act and the lack of accountability for public resources entrusted to council,” Mushelenga explained, regarding Okahandja.


The combined effects of the council’s noncompliance, according to the minister, is that the municipalities are failing to perform their powers and functions.


Mismanagement complaints residents lack service
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Minister Peya Mushelenga – Photo: Contributed


The minister has since put in place an interim council governance structure at Okahandja with immediate effect.


It will be headed by Linus Garoeb, who will be exercising the functions of the minister.


Garoeb will also be responsible for investigating the alleged corruption levelled against the Okahandja CEO, Martha Mutilifa, who was suspended not so long ago by the disgraced councillors.


“We respect the minister’s decision, however, we will be consulting our legal practitioners on the way forward,” Hindjou told Informante shortly after his dismissal.


At Rundu, the same fate was met by the entire council on the same grounds of mismanagement and the continued complaints by residents at the town, topped by internal squabbles.


In addition to this, Mushelenga maintained that there is a lack of proper financial management and accountability for public resources entrusted to council.


Sebastian Kantema will head the interim council governance structure at Rundu with immediate effect.


Kantema has also been tasked with, amongst other duties, prioritising the appointment of a CEO at the Rundu.