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Mini tornado causes chaos in Tsumeb

Mini tornado causes chaos in Tsumeb

Niël Terblanché & Marthina Mutanga

CHAOS ensued in Tsumeb when a strong wind, described by some residents as a mini tornado, hit the town from all directions and caused damage to infrastructure.


A resident of Tsumeb, Werner Gevers, described the chaos and said the most of Monday was a hot and clear sunny day.


“All off a sudden dark storm clouds started building and the next moment the wind was blowing strongly and it seemed to be coming from all directions. The storm wind suddenly turned west and that is when it started uprooting a large number of tall trees and ripping the roofs off of some buildings,” Gevers said.


He said residents throughout the town suffered damage to their property.
“Many houses and even a church were damaged when the wind tore the roofs off. Other buildings and property were damaged when big trees that were blown over, fell on top of houses and cars,” he said.


According to Gevers the severe wind storm lasted for about 15 minutes and that some rain fell in that time.



“It felt as if the town was going to be washed away with all the rain and hail, but afterwards people on different sides of Tsumeb measured on average only about 15 millimetres of rain.”


The chairperson of the SPCA in Tsumeb, Marlene Swartz, said that most of the trees that were blown over by the wind were already very old. She said several requests has been directed to the municipality to remove the trees because they felt that it might pose a danger.


One of the uprooted trees fell over onto the SPCA House that caused some damage to the building.


“Luckily none of our furry residents have been hurt and all were in their kennels when the storm hit,” said Swartz.


She requested the community of Tsumeb who are able to assist to help them clear away some of the debris and to get the SPCA back in order to properly accommodate and care for the animals.


Gevers said the Tsumeb Municipality was very quick to start clearing roads blocked by fallen trees and other debris.


“The storm had hardly calmed won and all you heard around town were chainsaws and pay loaders working to get debris out of the streets,” he said.