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Medicine woman hopes some good will come from her ordeal

Medicine woman hopes some good will come from her ordeal

Video: Cheryl Green speaks out.

Niël Terblanché

The support Cheryl Green received after her arrest for the possession of 71 cannabis plants and some of the medicinal oil she made from it to treat and help her husband cope with Multiple Sclerosis was overwhelming.
Green said she never expected her arrest and incarceration to draw such a huge reaction from so many people.
“I only hope something good can come from this entire ordeal. After I got out of jail, I attempted to read all the stories and comments but it simply is too much and quite overwhelming. We are still trying to find our balance after it all.”
Asked why she cultivated the plants at her home she said commercial pharmaceuticals to alleviate the pain and discomfort of her partner, Rainer Kring, is too expensive to effectively treat his condition. She added that the cannabis oil she makes, not only free him from pain, but slows down the progression of the Multiple Sclerosis which also contribute to prolonging his life.
“I am a healer not a dealer and if allowed to grow the plants to make the medicinal oil, I would give it away for free to people suffering like my partner. Now that we can’t treat him with the oil any longer his condition has deteriorated quite significantly. We are basically back to square one.”
Cheryl said before she was arrested she worked in isolation but after she saw the reaction to her story it became clear that many more people in Namibia manufacture and use the oil to treat all kinds of conditions such as arthritis, gout, anxiety and depression, epilepsy, cancer, schizophrenia, Chrohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease Insomnia and Multiple Sclerosis.

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