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Medical negligence lawsuit shifted to April

Medical negligence lawsuit shifted to April

Medical negligence lawsuit shifted to April
Pictured: A distraught Mike Lopez shortly after the court adjourned._Photo by Eba Kandovazu

Eba Kandovazu

A mother’s plight in acquiring justice for the death of her daughter, allegedly at the hands of medical personnel right after she had given birth to a still born baby will continue in April, as government insists there was no negligence on the nurses and doctors’ part.
Mills Lopez is suing the ministry of health and social services for N$ 2.3 million in damages. She is claiming that the nurses and doctors who were on duty at the Walvis Bay hospital in February 2017 negligently handled her daughter Sophia Nghinamwaami (20) soon after she had given birth.
She died as a result of cardiac failure due to haemorrhage following an untreated vaginal laceration. An expert witness, Dr Kimera Charles, an Obstetrician Gynaecologist testified that the deceased had only attended one ante natal care class during her pregnancy, as opposed to the minimum recommended four visits.
“She did not return to the clinic during the eighth month as advised by the midwife. When she got complications during the pregnancy she was advised to be admitted but she declined and signed the consent form refusing admission. Had she been admitted the severe anemia that she presented during labour could have been treated. Therefore complications that led to the death of the baby and mother herself started during the antenatal period,” Dr Charles said.
According to him, the deaths cannot be blamed on the medical personnel as they were acting “promptly” and “appropriately”. He concluded that every effort was done to save Nghinamwaami.
Meanwhile, a status hearing is scheduled for 30 April to determine the date for submissions before judgement.
Corrina van Wyk of the Legal Assistance Center is representing Lopez.

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