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Marijuana users President Arrested with ganja

Marijuana users President Arrested with ganja

Zorena Jantze

MERELY a few days after several marijuana activists held a peaceful march and handed over a petition for the legalisation of the use of marijuana, the president of for the Ganja Users of Namibia (GUN) and Rastafari United Front (RUF), Brian Jaftha, was this morning arrested at his office in Havana for cannabis possession during an alleged military style operation.

Speaking on behalf of the GUN, Borro Ndungula, stated that the military operation carried out by the Namibia Defence Force (NDF) was led by 40 military officers who were accompanied by 5 officers from Nampol, as well as City Police officers.

“The NDF officers, many of them highly ranked officers, searched the whole place. The GUN President was beaten, kicked and assaulted by heavily armed army officer,” said Ndungula.

Ndungula added that the heavily armed officers stormed the office without a search warrant and searched the office.

The arrest of GUN’s President comes a day after GUN handed over a petition to Parliament calling for the repeal of outdated apartheid law which prohibits cannabis use and trading in Namibia.

GUN is an advocacy organisation for cannabis legalisation in Namibia.

Nampol has confirmed the arrest, with an spokesperson, Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi stating that Jaftha was found in possession of marijuana and is yet to be charged.

She, however, denied that 40 NDF officers were sent to arrest Jaftha.

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