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Man who raped ‘stepchild’ denied bail

Man who raped ‘stepchild’ denied bail

Eba Kandovazu

A MAN who has been accused of repeatedly raping his live in girlfriend’s daughter from a previous relationship would reportedly force himself on his young victim on average four times a week while her mother was out.

These were some of the chilling details that came out in court documents today during the 36-year-old suspect’s bail hearing at the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court.

A social worker in the Office of the First Lady, Dr Veronica Theron, testified that the victim’s biological father reported the sexual abuse after his 15-year-old daughter confided in him. 

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This follows the fruitless reports the teenage made to her mother who, according to court records, not only dismissed her claims, but informed her boyfriend with him she also shares a son, that he was being investigated for rape and arranged for the suspect to see a psychologist after he threatened suicidal when he learned his victim had reported him.

“The (biological) father was more traumatised than the complainant (victim) herself. She was emotionally numb, but she could tell the story as if it happened to someone else than herself,” Dr Theron told the court.

Court documents reveal that the alleged perpetrator would sneak into the child’s room and force himself on her four times a week on average when her mother was out for boot camp or when she was asleep. 

The sexual assault, which started when she was 11-year-old, reportedly started off with inappropriate caressing of the child and later advances to forced penetration. 

These incidents happened at a flat that the family shared shared in Hochland Park while the mother was at boot camp or while she was asleep. 

It also emerged in court documents that the victim’s mother accused her daughter of trying to seduce her man.

“The mother told the complainant that she worked hard on her relationship with the applicant and she does not intend to get another relationship, but will work hard to build it,” court documents read.

During the appearance, the suspect, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victim, also informed the court that there was a chance he would lose his job as an IT technician at a local bank if he stays locked up past 23 September this year as he is only entitled to 30 annual leave days.

His Defense Attorney Jan Wessels argued that his client could only afford to pay N$25 000, with conditions such as reporting himself at the police station weekly.

State Prosecutor Rowan van Wyk objection to bail, arguing that the suspect will interfere with witnesses or police invstifations, was a flight risk and that it was not in the public interest or that of the administration of justice that the suspect be granted bail.

 “Almost weekly, if not daily, a minor is raped. Statistics in this regard are open for all to see. In most of these cases, the perpetrators are close family members or very well known to the victims. Bearing in mind that not all cases end up being reported, it is evident that sexual violence cases have taken on alarming proportions in this country and it is therefore not in the public interest or justice to release the accused on bail,” Magistrate Linus Samunzala ruled.

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