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Man in purported insurance fraud claims identity theft

Man in purported insurance fraud claims identity theft

Man in purported insurance fraud claims identity theft

Eba Kandovazu

THE police still have not made any arrests in a case in which men were caught on camera deliberately crashing two vehicles in an attempt to defraud insurance companies.

This is according to Nampol Spokesperson Edwin Kanguatjivi.

Although Kanguatjivi admitted that the police are aware of the video, no arrests were made and investigations are ongoing.

The CCTV footage, which was captured in the first week of January on Robert Mugabe avenue, shows the driver of a black GTI parking the car at an intersection, before he and two other men took shelter a few meters away.

A conversation between the passengers in the golf and a white Mercedes Benz ensued, before the Benz takes a different turn and drives straight into the vacated golf.

One of the men whose details appear on the accident report is, however, denying involvement in the fraud matter.

The two drivers were identified as Penda (in the Mercedes Benz) and Tyson (in the golf).

“I was driving and approaching an intersection, when out of nowhere a black golf appeared,” Penda reported to the police before the footage was made public.

“I misjudged the distance and did not see the oncoming car,” Tyson stated in his accident report.

Penda refused to comment on the matter, claiming that he was not involved in a crash.

Tyson, whose contact details and full names appeared on an accident report compiled by police officers at an accident scene, is now claiming that someone stole his identity and made the accident report.

“I saw the video online. I am shocked to know that someone used my details to report the accident to the police. I was in Swakopmund when it happened. Also, I lost my driver’s license so someone could have easily used it,” Tyson said.

According to an Insurance expert at King Price Insurance, car insurance fraud. “Luckily, these guys are not insured with us. In some instances, people seek to sell their assets but the market doesn’t have the value so they stage such occurrences. When things like these happen, penalties would depend on the charge. Some get away with fines and some just lose out on pay-outs,” he said.

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