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Man dies after crashing into tree

Man dies after crashing into tree

Nathaniel Heita

THE 34-year-old Festus Panduleni died instantly after crashing his vehicle into a tree at the Oshiyedi Cuca Shops in Onaame Village.


The exact cause of the horrific crash that occurred late on Wednesday evening is not yet clear but it is believed that the deceased person was driving at a very high speed before losing control over the car. The vehicle crashed through a garage at one of the houses in the village before coming to a standstill against a big Mopani tree.



According to the local police Panduleni was a resident of Okauva near the Ondobe Village.


The Namibian Police in the Ohangwena Region is still investigating the tragic incident.


The Cuca Shops in the Onaame Villge is in the same area as the Epatuluo Village where Sam Nauyoma Petrus hacked three members of his family to death with a panga a little more than a month ago.