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Man commits suicide after killing his girlfriend

Man commits suicide after killing his girlfriend

Man commits suicide after killing his girlfriend
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Maria David

A relentless hunt by police officers on foot for the 22-year-old Eelu Simon Veana Shimwino, who murdered his girlfriend and wounded two more people, ended when he took his own life by shooting himself in the head with his uncle’s rifle.
According to the spokesperson of the Namibian Police in the Omusati Region, Inspector Linekela Shikongo the young man shot his 22-year-old girlfriend, Kalumbu Ndapandula Magano, at the Oshipinga village in Onesi constituency with a shotgun. The shot hit Magano in the chest and she died a short while later.
“The incident occurred at about 19:00 on Friday evening. As people started to gather at the scene where the young woman died, Shimwino who was hiding in the bushes nearby fired a second shot and hit two of the bystanders.”
Inspector Shikongo said police officers also arrived at the murder scene a short while after the incident and Shimwino fled on foot. The police officers tracked him on foot from Friday evening until Sunday morning from the Oshipanga Village to the Uuhongo Village where his uncle resides.
“When the murderer saw the police trackers arrive at his family member’s village on Sunday morning he shot himself in the head with his uncle’s .303 rifle.”
Shimwino’s two other victims were identified as 21-year-old Shipwata Samuel and the 35-year-old Petrus David from Oshipinga village. Inspector Shikongo said that the two wounded men were rushed to Tsandi District Hospital for medical treatment, but were later discharged.
The shotgun with which Shimwino killed his girlfriend and wounded the two other men as well as the .303 rifle with which he committed suicide was recovered from the scene where he died.

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