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Man arrested for stealing N$200 000

Man arrested for stealing N$200 000

Zorena Jantze

A SUSPECT has been apprehended by the Namibian Police after he allegedly impersonated another man from Groot Aub and withdrew an amount of N$200 000 from the bank account of the person he pretended be.


The arrest was confirmed by the Nampol Public Relations Officer, Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi, who stated that the case of fraud was registered in October 2019.


The victim, Ethan Lewin who was defrauded of the large amount of cash recounted the horror of going to the FNB Ausspanplatz branch on 18 October 2019, but found his bank account emptied out.


FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY: Picture of the suspect withdrawing Lewin’s hard-earned cash. – Photo: Contributed


“I recently sold my family home and that was the last money we had saved after we sold the house. I came from GrootAub to withdraw some money to pay my employee back home and that was when the bank told me I had withdrawn the entire N$200 000 the previous day,” Lewin recounted.


He stated that the suspect allegedly photocopied his ID and also made a duplicate of his cellphone number and proceeded to the bank to withdraw the cash. Lewin further stated that he has never met the suspect and is dumbfounded by how the suspect made a certified copy of his ID and duplicated his cellphone number.


After seeing video footage of the suspect who posed as him on the FNB branch’s closed circuit security cameras, Lewin speculated that there is no way someone would mistake him for the suspect, adding that the bank was negligent with his funds.


“While everyone starts to relax and ease up for the upcoming holidays, this is exactly when criminals, fraudsters and scam artists become more active. Our statistics clearly show that the customers/public are prone to fall for several scams and sustain more losses from now on until mid-January,” Ingrid Kahona-Katjiukua, Group Risk & Compliance/Forensics, at FNB Namibia warned last week in a press statement.


Kahona-Katjiukua stated that FNB Namibia has launched a campaign to sensitise clients about possible tricks that fraudsters get up to during this festive season.


“We encourage our clients to be vigilant at all times to contain any potential losses and we call on each and everyone to work with us to show “Zero Tolerance” to all forms of criminal attacks.” Kahona-Katjiukua said.