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Livestock dropping like flies

Livestock dropping like flies


Marthina Mutanga

FARMERS in the Omahake Region have been forced to helplessly watch on as their livestock succumb to famine.

According to Otjinene Councillor, Erwin Katjize, a large number of livestock in the region, estimated to be worth millions of dollars, have already died due to the prolonged drought.

He revealed that more than 17 000 livestock have already been moved out of Aminuis to other areas to save them from the drought.

The region, popularly known as the ‘cattle country’ due to its impressive farming record, is home to the majority of commercial farming activities in the country.

However, farmers in the region have in recent years been feeling the full wrath of the dry climate, leaving huge populations of cattle, goats and sheep dead.

Katjizeu said if government could provide two fodder machines that farmers can use to make fodder from the bushes, it will ease the burden of purchasing fodder for the hungry animals.

“Farmers associations can then buy and sell fodder for a cheap price to farmers to mix with the fodder the farmers made from bushes,” he suggested.

He added that communal farmers need to be educated on the dangers and risks fences have on the field, especially during the dry season.

“They need to be told not to have big camps in communal areas,” he noted.

He also asked that the Ministry of Agriculture allocate old bore holes in the regions so they can rehabilitate and use them, especially during this difficult time.



In the video: Cattle in the Omaheke Region are literally dropping like flies due to the persistent drought in the country._Video: Contributed

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