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Little Grace needs community’s assistance

Little Grace needs community’s assistance

Maria David

LITTLE Grace Hafeni, the sole survivor of the horrific panga massacre at the Epatululo Village will have to face the rest of her life as a person with living with disabilities after she was maimed by her uncle during the horrendous incident.


During the attack early in November Sam Nauyoma Petrus, hacked his mother, the 61-year-old Vilgenia Teofilus, his brother, the 30-year-old Simon Petrus and little Grace’s one-year-old sibling, Ndapandula Hafeni, to death before also killing several goats and a dog with the panga.


Police officer attending the scene had to rush little Grace to the Engela Hospital because part of her left leg and part of her left hand was chopped off during the attack. At the time little Grace was immediately referred to the Oshakati state Hospital where emergence surgery was performed to save her life.


Pictured: Grace Hafeni. Photo: Contributed


Little Grace was discharged from the hospital recently and is currently in the care of her 21-year-old mother, Josephine Joseph at a relative’s house in Oshakati. Mother and child will have to stay in Oshakati for the foreseeable future because the toddler still needs to go to the hospital regularly for check-ups by her doctor and sessions with therapists.


Part of little Grace’s therapy is fitting her with a prosthetic leg that would enable her to lead a normal life. The family like many others in northern Namibia is dependent on farming to sustain themselves. The death of her grandmother and uncle means that nobody was able to tend to their fields or animals at Epatululo for more than a month.


The house where the massacre occurred has been abandoned and members of the community have since started to plough the fields to ensure that the surviving family members will have some form of sustenance when the harvesting season comes.


Little Grace’s mother is unemployed and is dependent on her family and the community to care for her only remaining child.

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