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Large scale manhunt launched to find fleeing farm attackers

Large scale manhunt launched to find fleeing farm attackers

Niël Terblanché

THE Namibian Police has once again availed all possible resources to hunt for three members of a robbery gang that attacked and robbed the owners of Farm Peperkorrel in the area of Dordabis late on Thursday night.


According to Bennie Beukes of the local community crime prevention forum, the farming community reacted very quickly after the owner of the farm, Markus Berner, called for help on the farmers’ radio network and alerted them to the robbery.


“The owner of the farm called for help on the radio network at about 23:30 last night. Beukes said the farm is situated on the road between Dordabis and Nina and that different teams of volunteers and police officers were sent out to block all escape routes.”


According to Beukes the vehicle in which the robbers fled from the scene of their crime, a white Ford Rangers bakkie, was spotted near Dordabis about an hour after the attack on Peperkorrel and a car chase ensued.


“At one stage two of the robbers jumped from the back of moving vehicle which resulted in the death of one of the suspects. The second suspect that jumped from the vehicle was seriously injured and taken to a hospital in Windhoek. The three other suspects managed to bring the vehicle to a standstill and ran into the bushes.”

Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed

The Khomas Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Joseph Shikongo, said all possible resources have been deployed to track the three remaining suspects.


A helicopter from Nampol’s Airwing, members of the special Reserve Force and two dog teams were dispatched to assist with the tracking operation.
Anitta Berner, one of the victims described the harrowing experience of the attack on her and her husband Markus on the farm late on Thursday evening.


“My husband and I were watching television in our living room when four men suddenly ran into the house. They were armed with knives, bricks and wheel spanners. They started assaulting us and demanded that we hand over all the cash we had in the house.”


Bettina said the robbers forced them to open the safe in the farm house where they kept some cash and a shotgun.


“One of the men threatened to kill me if we did not hand over all the cash in the house because they did not believe that the amount in the safe was all we had and after threatening, hitting and pushing us around some more they started to tie us up.”


According to Benitta the robbers eventually took them to the bathroom in the house where they were bound and gagged and locked in. She said the men then started to plunder the house for more valuables but when they found nothing more to steal the fled into the darkness to where their getaway vehicle and driver must have been waiting for them.


“Markus and I managed to free ourselves and we escaped from the locked bathroom through the window. My husband went back inside the house and called for help on the radio. Our neighbours reacted quite quickly and shortly afterwards we heard that two of the attackers were apprehended.”


Bettina said that aside from some cuts and bruises, that she and her husband were not too seriously injured and that they are still on the farm to await news of the capture of the three remaining robbers.


Commissioner Shikongo said that in the meantime teams of trackers assisted by the helicopter and members of the farming community are hot on the heels of the three remaining farm attackers that seem to be moving in the direction of Windhoek.


The attack on Peperkorrel follows barely two weeks after the vicious attack on the elderly Mr. Andries van Vuuren, his wife Nina and one of their farm workers on farm Kentani in the district of Kalkrand.

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