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Lack of water halts feeding program

Lack of water halts feeding program

Maria David
LEARNERS of the King Kauluma Combined School between Oshivelo and Omuthiya in the Oshikoto region are said to have been learning on empty stomachs after the school-feeding programme was halted due to lack of water.
This was revealed by Paulus Uusiku, community member from the King Kauluma area, during the presidential town hall meeting held in Omuthiya on Monday.

Photo by Maria David

According to Uusiku, the school has electricity, but no water to make use for cooking the food at the school and learners are force to attended classes on empty stomach.
“The school has a feeding program, but no water for cooking with,” said Uusiku.
Regional Head of Rural Water Supply in Omuthiya, Tuukondjele Stephenson, said that the community members of king Kauluma had a borehole, but community members broke the pump machine and repairing it is costly.
Stephenson, stated that there are five boreholes, including one for animals and the other one for human consumption with one of the five boreholes broken and one dried up.
“Despite that the boreholes that are working are within a radius of 500 metres from the school,” he added.
Stephenson noted that it would cost about N$500 000 to repair the or replace the pump at the borehole.
Moreover, Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) Alpheus !Naruseb said the country is faced with a serious drought challenge currently and that water supply is amongst the biggest challenges.
However, !Naruseb said that they have entered in agreement with the countries that supply water to Namibia to mitigate the stress people are facing. “Experts are expected to do research on water southern of Oshikoto to benefit people.”