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Katenda consecrated as new Bishop for REACH-Namibia

Katenda consecrated as new Bishop for REACH-Namibia

Maria David

OSHANA Regional Governor Elia Irimari has emphasized the importance of maintaining the separation between the Church and the State, urging the churches not to interfere in the affairs of the State and promising that the Namibian State would also not interfere in the affairs of the churches.
“The government does not interfere in the any affairs of the churches, provided the churches also do not interfere in the affairs of the government,” said Irimari.
Irimari was speaking at the consecration ceremony of Reverend Lukas Kaluwapa Katenda as new bishop of the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of Namibia (REACH-Namibia) at Ondangwa on Sunday.
Katenda, a former pastor of the Anglican Diocese in Namibia, was consecrated as the church’s second Bishop succeeding late Reverend Peter Kalangula, the founding bishop of the Church of England in Namibia, now known as REACH-Namibia.
The Church of England became dormant after the death of Kalangula in 2008 and was revived recently when it united with a break-away faction of the Anglican diocese led by Katenda, creating what is now known as REACH-Namibia.

In his inaugural speech, Bishop Katenda said that those in attendance can call him “troubled, but not destroyed”.
“REACH-Namibia is not looking for money from the people. Its aim is to bring people closer to salvation and closer to the Word of God,” he said, adding that he is a highly qualified professional and if he wanted money he would simply join the job market.
Katenda holds a nursing qualification and Masters of Theology degree from a seminary in the United States of America.
Governor Irimari described Katenda as a lover of the gospel and an exemplary leader with qualities that are needed to guide and educate people on matters biblical.
He noted that the development of any nation depends on peace and the involvement of churches in spearheading the call of unity.
Bishop Glenn Lyons of the REACH-SA presided over the consecration ceremony that was also attended by member of Parliament Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana, Ohangwena governor Usko Nghaamwa and a big crowd of REACH-Namibia members and other sister churches.

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