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Kapofi sends crooked home affairs staff a stern warning

Kapofi sends crooked home affairs staff a stern warning

Marthina Mutanga

THE Minister of Home Affair Frans Kapofi has lifted the lid on home affairs officials who are reportedly illegally extending days of foreigners in the country, covering up for illegal immigrants and giving documents to people who do not meet the requirements.


Speaking to his staff members today in the Capital at the annual ministerial staff meeting, demanded to know how an unidentified foreigner that entered Namibia last week was able to obtain a birth certificate by this week.


“I want the Executive director to expedite the disciplinary processes of all staff members involved in selling the country for personal gain; suspend where you need to suspend so that our systems are not exposed to criminal conduct,” noted Kapofi, adding that the Public Service Act, Regulations and Staff Rules are their tools in cleaning up the ministry.


He further noted that when shortcuts are taken, they are done so with the full involvement of staff members.



“Last year must be the last year for these kinds of stories. We will not only deal with foreigners who participate in these shameful acts, but also with our staff members,” he said.


Kapofi added that the disciplinary action must include the whole chain of all staff members involved.


“For example, if an ID or passport is fraudulently obtained, deal with the whole process from the issuing of the birth certificate. Whoever approved or approves an ID or a passport application with a fake document must be held accountable as you know that you cannot approve without proper verification. I want a full report on all the known cases where we suspect the selling of nation documents, visas and permits before the end of this financial year. We need to understand the extent of the damage we are dealing with,” Kapofi said.


He lastly noted that he submitted two Bills last year to the Legislative Drafters at the Ministry of Justice, including the Uniform Matrimonial Property Bill and the Marriage Bill.


“Now, we have two other Bills that are at an advanced stage before they can be tabled at the Cabinet Committee on Legislation. These are the Civil Registration and Identification Bill and the Migration Control Bill. I already directed that these Bills must make their way to the Cabinet Committee before the end of March 2020,” he said, adding that while it was ambitious, the Executive Director has made special arrangements to ensure that those responsible for polishing up the Bills are afforded time to finalise the work.


He also announced to his staff members that the implementation of the Turnaround Strategy resulted in a reduction of turnaround times, systems that are more effective, shorter queues, elimination of backlogs and daily dispatching of applications and printed documents.


All these, he said, have resulted in improved customer service, while the electronic reporting on daily production was implemented and led to better management of the different functions.