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Kanime ready to tackle on shebeens

Kanime ready to tackle on shebeens

Marthina Mutanga
ALCOHOL sold at shebeens is more often than not the cause of the high rate of crime and other social evils experienced in neighbourhoods immediately surrounding them.
Windhoek City Police Chief Abraham Kanime said officers of the force are deployed specifically to tackle issues such as the high crime rate that arise from shebeens in a renewed campaign.
He said members of the City Police will be on the lookout for misconduct such as urinating in public, disorderly conduct and public intoxication in areas where these bars are situated.
Although he condemned shebeens as a social evil, he also acknowledged that they are a livelihood for people who have no other income.
“The problem is that children cannot study in that noise and they are also disturbed by drunken parents and the constant fighting on the streets.”
Kanime sent out a stern warning to shebeen owners who operate after the stipulated hours and urged them to close their businesses at 22:00. He attributed the number of weekend murders to uncontrolled trading hours.
According to Kanime, crimes of theft and robbery are high in the suburbs and shebeens are the cause of petty crime and car accident are also the caused by people who are under the influence of alcohol.
Kanime said petty crime of this type has become a regular weekend occurrence with numerous reports of this nature made to City Police.

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