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Joe’s Beerhouse snake set free in the wild

Joe’s Beerhouse snake set free in the wild

Joe’s Beerhouse snake set free in the wild

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Niël Terblanché

The two and a half metre long black mamba that was captured in the world famous Joe’s Beerhouse Restaurant on Saturday, was set free in the veldt on a farm outside Windhoek shortly after.
Francois Theart, the snake specialist who caught and removed the snake, said he suspects that the huge mamba crawled under the roof to get away from the hot sun.
“There are many birds’ nests in the trees growing in the bed of Klein Windhoek River just behind the restaurant. I suspect it was hunting in the morning and crawled into one of the big trees on the premises of the restaurant to wait for the sun to pass its zenith before continuing to hunt in the late afternoon. It could also have been the case that the snake was thirsty and wanted to drink from the big fish pond on the premises.”
Theart said it is very dry and there is almost no standing water in the bushes where snakes and other animals normally quench their thirst.
“Snakes prefer thatched roofs to hide under when it is very hot because they can get high off the ground away from people. A mamba will not attack a human unless it is cornered or stepped on. They normally avoid humans as far as possible but it happens that they come into conflict situations because of the extraordinary weather conditions we are currently experiencing.”
Theart said the black mamba is the largest venomous snake in Africa. It is mainly active during the day, when it hunts for food. The snakes are shy and are quick to move away when they sense danger.
In the meantime Carol-Jean Rechter, the managing Director of Joe’s Beer house confirmed the scary incident and said the snake was entering the restaurant’s premises from Nelson Mandela Avenue that runs past the restaurant
“After entering it continued to move up through the thatched area near where guests normally sit for dinner service. Some of the guests alerted us immediately after receiving a great shock. We ensured that the area was cordoned off and the snake was monitored until a snake specialist was able to come and remove it.”
She said it the priority of the restaurant’s management was to avoid panic and thus scaring the snake to go into hiding or even worse to attack a person.
“We tried to prohibited guests from moving too close and even to take pictures as this would have put them in a dangerous situation.”
Theart said when mambas feel threatened they will gape their mouths exposing the black inner lining inside and will spread a small narrow hood. These are highly venomous snakes and are easily identified by their long slender coffin shaped heads, light-gunmetal grey colour and the black insides of their mouths.

Video: The huge black mamba was set free on a farm on the outskirts of Windhoek shortly after a snake specialist removed it from the world famous Joe’s Beer house restaurant in Windhoek on Saturday. Video provided by Francois Theart.

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