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Ivan Pitt’s violent past exposed

Ivan Pitt’s violent past exposed

Ivan Pitt’s violent past exposed
Survivor: Lee, the mother of Pitt’s child, who fled to the United Kingdom to escape further violence at his hands. _Photo: Contributed

Murder scene shocks police

THE cruelty and violence with which the 39-year-old Lindie Prinsloo was killed in her Swakopmund home last Friday at the hands of her boyfriend, Ivan Pitt, filled hardened law enforcement officials with revulsion.

One person who attended the brutal murder scene and who spoke on condition of anonymity said the initial murder scene gave him sleepless nights.

“He did not just cut her throat. It seems as if he wanted to make good on his promise to behead the victim and to probably leave her severed head on a table for her daughter to find. What he did was beyond any person’s imagination,” he said.

In the days that followed, the violent nature of 30-year-old Pitt unfolded as many more of his brutal actions were revealed by members of the Swakopmund community.

Besides assaulting and threatening to kill Prinsloo in the most heinous way by beheading her, he also assaulted the mother of his child so severely that her father sent her back to the United Kingdom in order to get her away from Pitt. During this stormy period of violence before he met Prinsloo, Pitt during a fist fight even knocked out the front teeth of the grandfather of his child, a well-known business personality in Swakopmund.

Adam Labuschagne, a close friend of Prinsloo since childhood, discovered the body of the victim whose head was almost severed, where her six-year-old child sat next to her dead body. He is also one of the people who discovered the body of Pitt hanging from the roof beams of the garage of the house where Prinsloo resided, four days after the brutal slaying.

“When I opened the garage door I saw Lindie’s car parked where it normally stood. At first my mind could not process the fact but I immediately slammed the door shut and warned the women and children with me that the attacker might be in the house and that all of them were in danger of a possible attack,” he said.

Labuschagne said when he opened the door again he saw Pitt next to the car and at first it seemed as if he was just standing there.

“My mind still could not get around the scene but when I eventually noticed the rope and went closer I found that he was indeed dead and no longer a threat. That is when we contacted law enforcement officials,” he said.

The Inspector-General of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga, said the violence and cruelty of the murder in Swakopmund and the mutilation and rape of a ten-year-old girl in Windhoek a week before shocked him.

“What is even more shocking is that fact that these men were free on bail and free to continue unabated with their violence against women and children. Although it is not the decision of investigating officers to let criminals go free on bail, such officials along with public prosecutors should unite and redouble their efforts to oppose bail in the strongest possible terms,” he said.

Ndeitunga said magistrates dealing with such cases should use all the discretion in their power to keep violent criminals off the streets, especially when they have similar cases pending against them.

“It is my personal opinion that in cases of especially domestic violence and rape, people who make utterances and threats to kill their accusers after being set free on bail should not be granted the privilege of freedom ever again,” he said.

A large butcher’s knife covered in the blood of the murder victim was found on the murder scene. The hat and sunglasses of the perpetrator were also found on the scene.

Ndeitunga said all that now remains is for detectives to compile all the evidence and to present it to a magistrate to make a ruling if the inquest into both the deaths of Prinsloo and Pitt should continue.

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