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Inmate threatens suicide after escaping custody

Inmate threatens suicide after escaping custody

Eba Kandovazu

AN inmate from the Katutura correction facility this morning causes chaos at the Katutura Magistrate’s court when he climbed on a balcony and threatened to jump off the double storey building.

Riaan Gaingob, a serial armed robber accused, escaped from the holding cells at the court under unknown circumstances.

Gaingob, after realising that the police was hot on his heels, threatened to jump from the building before the police cornered and rescued him.

LAW and ORDER: Dep. Comm Edwin Kanguatjivi contributed

The incident happened in full view of curious onlookers, some of who came to attend the court appearance of a soldier accused of murdering a civilian last Thursday.

This is not the first time that Gaingob escaped police custody.

“This man has brushed shoulders with the law on several occasions. He faces a number of robbery, armed robbery and house breaking charges although he has not yet been convicted. The first time he escaped he demanded for the special reserve force to instead go look for him and threatened that he would ‘f@##k up’ the police officers in blue uniform,” said Nampol Spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi.

In that incident, he reportedly wanted to shoot police officers and but they managed to get hold of the weapon before he could pull the trigger.  

Another charge of escaping lawful custody was added to his list of criminal charges.