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“I failed as a father”, says murder accused

“I failed as a father”, says murder accused

Zorena Jantze

“AS a father, to know that you are charged with the murder of your own two sons is not an easy thing to bear. I had a part in the death of my sons as I left them unguarded at home.“

These were the words of former constable Albertus !Ganebs, who showed little remorse during mitigation today after he was found guilty for murdering his two sons, Tertius Swartz (7) and Gregory Swartz (4), by repeatedly stabbing them while they were left in his care.

!Ganeb testified that on that fateful day, 25 April2014, in Gobabis, the children’s mother, Romily Swartz, told !Ganeb to take care of their boys.

”I took them from their mother and left them at home with an elderly person. As a father, I failed to protect them. It is a living hell for me to know that I had a part in the death of my two sons by not being there at the time of their deaths,” !Ganeb stated.

!Ganeb’s sentiments demonstrate that he is still maintaining his innocence despite the state’s strong case that he was behind the murder.

I’M INNOCENT: Albertus !Ganeb. Photo: Zorena Jantze

!Ganeb further stated that he had to go out to a doctor’s appointment that afternoon, at around 15:00, and there afterwards went to a bar and consumed a lot of alcohol which rendered him incapable of remembering any of the events that took place that night.

High Court Judge Dinnah Usika stated that although there were no eyewitnesses to the knife attack on the brothers, overwhelming circumstantial evidence implicated !Ganeb as the person behind the murder.

Upon committing the gruesome act, !Ganeb texted Romily and told her that her children were dead.

It Is alleged that !Ganeb killed the boys following his suspicions that their mother was romantically involved with another man.

Some of the text messages sent by !Ganeb read: “Your children are dead. Come look for yourself in my house if you don’t believe me. It’s you who caused it”.

!Ganeb will return to court for sentencing on 17 April.

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