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Hundreds of cruise ship passengers cleared of coronavirus

Hundreds of cruise ship passengers cleared of coronavirus

Eba Kandovazu

A CRUISE ship carrying 1,629 passengers that docked at Lüderitz this week before proceeding to Walvis Bay, was cleared of the coronavirus by health officials after all passengers tested temperatures below 38 degree celsius.


Acting CEO of Namport, Kavin Harry, announced this afternoon at a press conference in Walvis Bay that all the passengers had their temperatures checked on the cruise ship before they were allowed to disembark.


Footage of the ship: Contributed

Harry was addressing the media after videos circulating on social media resulted in panic across Namibia amidst fears that the cruise ship carrying foreigners would expose locals to the coronavirus.


The international cruise ship, Aidamira, docked in Luderitz Wednesday before making its way to Walvis Bay, where it arrived yesterday.


The cruise ship is currently enroute to Cape Town after it left the Namibian shores today.


“Namport cannot take over a vessel before it has been cleared by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. All foreign vessels at the port of Walvis Bay are required to forward through their shipping agents to the Namport department of maritime affairs and the ministry of health a list of the last ten ports along with other required maritime documentation. Should that list include countries which are affected by the coronavirus, additional information is to be forwarded, which includes the crew list, vaccination list, and port clearance certificates, amongst others. The health ministry will then determine whether the vessel is allowed to enter at the port and dock,” Harry said.


Cruise ship passengers Lüderitz Walvis Bay coronavirus
Pictured: Kavin Harry, Acting CEO of Namport. Photo: Contributed



He maintained that the first point of clearance rests with the health ministry.


Allegations that the cruise ship was denied access to Angola because some passengers tested positive for the coronavirus have also been rubbished by the CEO.


“We have this itinerary which shows that over the past one month, the ship has been in South Africa and Namibia. The rumours are therefore not correct. We have all the security verifications from all the ports the ship has passed,” Harry concluded.