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Human trafficking bail judgment due Friday

Human trafficking bail judgment due Friday

Human trafficking bail judgment due Friday
DEPLORABLE: Sylvia Bonifatius and Jakob van Zyl._Photo: Maria David

Maria David

OSHAKATI Chief Magistrate, Mika Namweya, on Tuesday postponed the ongoing bail hearing of human trafficking for judgement to Friday.

This follows after the bail application hearing against Sylvia Bonifatius, 20, and 32-year-old Jakob van Zyl dragged on for the past two weeks.

Bonifatius and Van Zyl are accused of kidnapping a 14-year-old girl from Oshakati to a house in Ondangwa, where she was allegedly held for a day before the police were called in to rescue her.

This took place after the parents of the victim were tipped off about her whereabouts, before approaching the police to intervene.

The two are also facing charges of rape, immoral practices, drugging a female for unlawful carnal intercourse, use of means to stupefy a female for unlawful carnal intercourse, and kidnapping.

During the period, the girl was kept by Van Zyl and was allegedly sexually abused. According to the police, she was rescued just in time as there were plans to secretly move her to Henties Bay.

Schoolchildren, teachers and parents staged a peaceful demonstration on the first day of the hearing, demanding that the duo be denied bail.

Initially, expected to last one to two days, the bail application hearing has now concluded its second week and the first seven days of the hearing were characterized by moments of drama.

On the first day, defense lawyers accused the prosecution team of applying delaying tactics by asking irrelevant questions during the cross examination of the accused.

On the second day the hearing could not start on time because Van Zyl was nowhere to be found and no one appeared to know his exact whereabouts.


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