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Houses damaged, goats killed

Houses damaged, goats killed

Maria David

HEAVY rain accompanied by strong wind left 32 people homeless while 27 goats were killed after they were struck by lightning at Omundudu village in the Engela constituency of the Ohangwena Region.


People in the area believe that they might be in a disaster prone area as it’s not the first time they are hit by heavy rain accompanied by strong wind.


Epundi, Okapunndjona, Okashitika, Ondjengo are also some of the villages affected by the windstorm in the Engela constituency.


Speaking to Informante Omundudu village Advisor to the Headman Mathias Abed confirmed the number, saying 18 houses and 23 goats were destroyed last week Friday, while 14 houses and 4 goats were destroyed on Wednesday while several trees uprooted.



“We want to believe that we are in a disaster area. Last year several lightening incidents were reported in the same areas,” said Abed.


He stated that many of the families were left with no roof over their heads, while some of the omahangu storage baskets were flooded and damaged, as a result their harvest of previous years were destroyed.


Despite the windstorm disaster, Abed said that have not reported any causality.


56 year old Peneyambeko Kanghono, said that they survived the windstorm by the grace of the Almighty, as the only place they could get refugee was at the shebeen were they were drinking.


She explained that when the heavy rain with strong wind started they rushed inside the shebeen, but the mopani tree fell to the ground just next to the shebeen and an old car that was standing under the tree was also damaged.


“This is not the first time we are hit by windstorm, some years back we were hit by the same heavy rain and strong wind causing damage to properties, livestock and trees uprooted,” she said.


Kanghono stated that the Wednesday windstorm was worse than the two that occurred last year in December. However no causality has been reported during all the three storms.


The residents are calling on good Samaritans to assist them with the little they can in order to rebuild their houses as some of the materials has been destroyed and are unable to be reused.