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House destroyed by fire in Swakopmund

House destroyed by fire in Swakopmund

Niël Terblanché

THE Emergency Services of Swakopmund was called to the Vineta residential area of Swakopmund after flames engulfed a house in the Fischreiher Street burst into flames.


According to a senior official in the Swakopmund Fire Brigade the actual cause of the fire, which destroyed almost the entire house, is still under investigation but that it is suspected that the fire was started by two small children playing in the living room.


Another emergency worker said the mother of the two children told firemen on the scene that she was in one of the bedrooms when the fire started.


Video: Flames engulf a house in Fischreiher Street in Swakopmund. The house almost completely destroyed by the blaze. – Footage: Contributed


“The mother managed to gather her children and escape to the safety of the street outside. In the meantime the flames consumed the wooden roof and floors of the house within minutes,” the fireman said.


The Fire Brigade managed to bring the blaze under control while also making sure that the houses adjacent to the burning house did not catch fire as well.


None of the children or the mother was injured during the incident but one f the children, a little girl, started having trouble breathing and was treated at the Swakopmund State Hospital for smoke inhalation afterwards.

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